Our Essence 

Merin Kind is more than just a wellness and skincare brand. Anchored in a rich legacy, our products, crafted with natural, sustainable, and fair beauty principles, aim to revitalize and nourish your skin, hair, and body. Beyond the surface, our ethos improves overall well-being, ensuring you feel as radiant as you look.

Our People 

Global and Local Spread across two continents, we are proud of our commitment to maintaining unparalleled product quality throughout the supply chain. Our dedicated team in Nigeria is only the beginning of our vision; plans are afoot to extend our reach to other African regions.

Meet Our Partners

  • Akintunde Lawal From being a safety patrol at Randolph Elementary School and a talented wrestler at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Akintunde's journey took a transformative turn when he ventured to Lagos, Nigeria during his high school years. There, he rediscovered his roots, imbibed new languages, and gained a profound appreciation for family, life, and culture. Inspired by the vast offerings of the African continent and its connection to the world, he realized the need to be part of this larger narrative. Connect with Akintunde on LinkedIn
  • Yomi Lawal A family-oriented individual at heart, Yomi's narrative is deeply intertwined with her Nigerian heritage. Stories of her parents' upbringing provided her with a unique perspective, teaching her the virtues of kindness, community support, and deep-rooted connections. Today, Yomi wears many hats – from being a loving family member to an executive member of Unique Ladies International, an organization dedicated to uplifting African women. In her leisure, she turns to reading, painting, and sharing memorable moments at sporting events with her kids.

Merin Kind


Our Mission and Values 


We ardently believe in the power of resilience and adaptation. Our mission reverberates with our bond to Africa, aiming to enrich and empower lives while promoting the virtues of fair trade.

We stand tall on the principles of:

  • Stewardship: With education and leadership as the backbone of Merin Kind, we champion the cause of fair trade, sustainability, and holistic growth. Africa is not just our birthplace; it's our home, urging us to care for it as one would for their family. Our unwavering commitment to integrity, empowerment, economic responsibility, and environmental preservation complements this.
  • Connection: Our bond with Africa is a testament to our legacy. We see it as our duty to share this continent's invaluable health, wellness, and beauty products.
  • Quality: We vouch for the authenticity and safety of our products. With a keen focus on the single-source origin, we ensure all our offerings are certified.

Furthermore, Merin Kind pledges to raise awareness about police brutality, an issue that has personally affected our family. We hope to use our platform to enlighten many about this pressing issue and its profound impact on families.

Our Roots

Legacy of Resilience Our story is a testament to the undying spirit of aspiration. Our parents journeyed from Nigeria, hoping for a brighter future for their kin. While the American dream came with challenges, including the heart-wrenching loss of two siblings, it only fortified our resolve. Symbolized by the four bars of the Merin Kind brand, it stands for the two siblings with us and the two who live on in our hearts. The Yoruba saying, "Ekun wa dayo" or "Our sorrow turns to joy," encapsulates our journey. Rising through adversity, we found strength in our African roots, ensuring our connection to the continent is always meaningful, responsible, and impactful.

Join us on our mission to merge beauty with purpose, always honoring our ancestors and fostering genuine connections.