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100% Pure Organic Baobab Powder Fruit

100% Pure Organic Baobab Powder Fruit

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The story goes something like this… When Olorun (GOD) planted the baobab tree that it kept on walking. Olorun then picked up the baobab tree and planted it on its head.

The baobab tree is really super!!

The baobab tree is one of the largest and oldest trees on the planet and has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.

The fruit of the baobab has a hard outer shell and has a velvety texture. They can weigh over 5 pounds. There is a chalky fruit powder inside the shell that is the source of the baobab powder.

  • Supercharge Your Day - Baobab powder is considered to be a superfruit and superfood

  • Improve Immunity Defense - Baobab powder is an antioxidant

  • Promote Gut Health - Baobab powder is an excellent prebiotic

  • Improve your Digestive Health - Baobab powder has soluble and insoluble fibers

  • Go Plant Based - Baobab powder is vegan our baobab powder is 100% plant based

  • Fairtrade, Non-GMO, Sustainably Harvested

Two tablespoons a day is all you need to boost your energy, vitality and overall health and wellness!!

Non GMO + Allergen Free + FairWild + Gluten Free + Vegan + Halal + Kosher

NET WT 10.6OZ (300 GRAMS)

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