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Premium African Black Soap - Luxury Skincare for Radiant Complexion - AWEMO

Premium African Black Soap - Luxury Skincare for Radiant Complexion - AWEMO

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Introducing Merin Kind's Authentic African Black Soap - the ultimate body cleansing bar for achieving a clear and even skin tone. Made with 100% natural and raw ingredients, our African Soap Bar is specially formulated to gently cleanse and nourish your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

Our Real African Black Soap is made from a traditional Yoruba recipe known for its cleansing and clarifying properties. It is a time-tested formula used for centuries in West Africa to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Merin Kind's Raw African Black Soap is perfect for acne-prone skin. It contains natural ingredients that help to gently exfoliate and unclog pores, leaving your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Our African Black Soap for Acne is a must-have in your skincare routine.

Our Authentic African Black Soap is made without artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals, making it safe for all skin types. In addition, it is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional soap bars.

Experience the benefits of Merin Kind's African Black Soap and achieve the clear and even skin tone you've always wanted. Try our Real African Black Soap today!



High in antioxidants

It has anti-fungal properties

Safe for use on all skin types

Hydrates and moisturizes skin

Natural anti-bacterial properties

Anti-microbial properties that help fight acne

It helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation

Assist in decreasing collagen loss and the appearance of fine lines

Soothes skin irritation caused by ailments such as eczema and psoriasis







  • Always use a washcloth or loofah, especially when using African Black Soap, as it can help enhance the soap's exfoliating benefits and break down cocoa shell pod particles sometimes found in the soap. Just be sure to use a clean washcloth or loofah each time you use the soap to avoid spreading bacteria.
  • Wet your body with warm water.
  • Rub the Merin Kind African Black Soap bar or paste into the washcloth or loofah to create a lather.
  • Apply the lather to your body, focusing on areas that need extra attention.
  • Use a washcloth or loofah to scrub your skin in circular motions gently. This will help to exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores.
  • Rinse your body thoroughly with warm water.
  • Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.
  • Follow up with your favorite Merin Kind moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple.


cocoa pod ash, palm kernel oil, shea butter

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We Love our African Black Soap

It is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily as part of a healthy skincare routine. If this is your first time using African Black Soap, we recommend using it once every few days to see how your skin responds and gradually working your way up to daily usage.

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